What is mia?

Mia is a smart digital assistant that helps you get
what you want, when you want it all through your mobile device. Ask mia what you need and she’ll do her best to help!

And, most importantly, mia is SMART, CONVENIENT and FUN!

Smart, Convenient and Fun!


mia is "smart" with an ever growing knowledge of many areas including Restaurants, Local Businesses, weather, and so on. However, the smartest thing about mia is how she interacts with you. mia not only understands what you ask her but she will actively engage you in conversation to learn more and help you get done exactly what you need to get done.

In the old days you did a search with keywords, today, you have a Smart Phone, and a Smart Assistant!

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mia is "convenient". Yes, you can start up lots of apps, struggle with the keyboard, and sift through 10 pages of results to get what you want. But, mia makes life easier by assisting you to get the basic things you need in one place through voice, text and touch.

Easy Interface


There is no other way to put it. Using mia is just "fun"! All work and no play bores everyone, even mia. So feel free to talk to mia about herself, yourself and whatever…over time you will be communicating just like friends. Plus, you can have mia share the best places to go and things to do with your friends by email or on twitter!
While mia is still learning, the more she does for you the more she will become YOUR assistant, friend and social guide!

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Continuously Expanding Abilities

mia’s library of content, services and functionality is ever expanding to help you.
Some of the upcoming content and functionalityinclude:events, music, movies, taxis, route-information, calendar support and more!

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