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'netpeople', on which mia is built, is not a new contender in the world of digital assistants; it is one of the founding fathers. The netpeople platform, has evolved over the last 15 years, and has been deployed in everything from next generation navigation systems to robots with a range of applications from restaurant search to searching for answers to questions. mia brings this advanced technology and its remarkable breadth of applications together for the first time making it available directly to consumers.

netpeople is a platform for the development and deployment of smart digital assistants on any device. At the core of netpeople is a goalbased contextaware technology, which enables human-like interaction and most importantly natural conversations.

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The Core technology

What puts netpeople beyond other Agent technologies is the combination of its unique natural language understanding engine using "Context-Aware" processing and "goal-oriented conversations" with an assortment of tools and APIs to deliver a variety of smart assistants integrated into the world of internet content and services.

Context awareness

Being Context-Aware means understanding what is being said or done based on what is being talked about, the current conversation. Netpeople manages and allows mia to understand in "context".

So why is that important? Imagine speaking with a concierge at a hotel and asking them to recommend a nice Japanese restaurant in the area. They say there are several so you ask to just see the ones within your budget. But the concierge has already forgotten what you asked for, and now gives you any restaurant within your budget. Well that’s a typical web search. It’s like trying to hit a hole-in-one every time.

"Context awareness" allows mia to remember what you have asked for and narrow down results with every interaction. In the golfing metaphor, getting closer to the pin with each successive shot.

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Goal-Oriented Conversations

netpeople allows mia to pro-actively ask smart questions to learn more about what you want and help you get it. We call this feature "Goal-Oriented Conversations", and it allows mia to guide you in narrowing down search results or simply getting a task done.
Imagine the hotel concierge never asking questions and simply waiting for you to define exactly what you want. Pretty difficult when you are not an expert! We realized that like the concierge netpeople assistants should help you in understanding what kinds of things are important to get the best quickly.

This technology is exclusive to NetPeople and offers a smarter and more efficient way to get the information and service you want compared to any other search engine or digital assistant today.


Development Platform

But netpeople is not exclusive to iNAGO alone. What makes netpeople special is it’s designed to allow others to integrate their content and services into the platform, making the content available to everyone using mia and other netpeople assistants.
And netpeople has advanced tools to allow 3rd party developers to create sophisticated digital assistants for any use.
Watch for further news as iNAGO’s partners begin to expand mia and other digital assistants based on the netpeople platform.

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